October 24, 2009

Ever since Abel followed Cain into the world, tales about brothers have made “good copy”.

History has recorded them. Literature has embraced them. Science has studied them. And, given the chance, Gossip remains ever ready to skewer them.

In memoirs, diaries and letters, in books and articles and public commentary, brothers have been remembered with love, pride, sorrow, surprise and, even with contempt. Rarely, it seems, have siblings been at a loss for words.

What is it like to have a brother?
•   Fanny Mendelssohn wrote lovingly of Felix.
•   Ludwig van Beethoven spoke ill of Johann.
•   John F. Kennedy had teenage problems with Joe but, for sister Kit, Joe was the best.
•   Miley Cyrus Tweeted ecstatic about Trace.
• Steven Spielberg was pure entertainment for his three sisters.

What is it like to be a brother?
•  Triplets didn't know the full answer for nineteen years.
•  Benjamin Disraeli was quick to assume sibling responsibility.
• Evelyn Waugh loathed his connection to Alec.
•  James Havens was explicit about Angelina Jolie.

What else will you read in O Brother! and how much will the ebook cost you to download?
You'll find quotations from siblings interspersed with anecdotes. The cost is $.99. Yes, that's right: ninety-nine cents. (Be sure to click Return to Merchant after you buy O Brother! so you can download it.)

Did you celebrate the first World Brothers Day on 2 August? Sisters in India have honored their brothers every year for over 500 years (details inside). The family event occurs on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Shravana. Most often, that day is in August. In 2013, Raksha Bandhan will be held August 21. So, wherever you are that day, I hope you will be part of the celebration.

Do you have a brother? Would you like the world to read about him in O Brother! II? If so, write me about him to villarsencore@gmail.com and include your full name and where you live. Remember, I cannot do it without you.